Middle East Foreign Policy Organizer

This session we are working on Public Speaking, Negotiations and Foreign Policy.  For foreign policy we have come to the Middle East.  I don’t teach via lecture.  I prefer seminar style.  The class is small enough to permit me to do that.  However, without a lecture, we often aren’t on the same page.  I give them readings.  I know who preps for class and who doesn’t.  It’s fairly clear from the course pages, and when they speak.  However, even if they do the reading, it’s not comprehensive.  I don’t use a textbook.  I feel I flood them with enough reading, so I don’t want to add more.  I sometimes just want them to get the information in a quick organized fashion.  Hence, I am turning to graphic organizers.  They can read about the juicy bits on their own.  The top row is president.  The second row is events, and the third row is US foreign policy in a nutshell.

Mid-East Foreign Policy Organizer