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Welcome to DECORUM!, a part of JuniorDiplomats.com!   We hope this blog will offer a place to discuss, celebrate, analyze, and share the importance of diplomacy and other social/public angles of international relations.

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Junior Diplomats, LLC is a youth leadership education and training organization. JD, LLC offers college-level alternatives to high school electives. This intense curriculum prepares students for the challenges and realities of international leadership and cross-cultural communication.

The teens in our community have a passion for international events and academic pursuits, inter alia, law, advocacy, culture, travel, and languages.   They started out attending MUN conferences but have carried their passion beyond to contribute to their communities, excel academically in international areas, and take on projects that further specialization in topics in foreign affairs.  This site is a testament to the work these students do and an opportunity for all individuals who are engaged in transforming the world to connect with each other.

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