Update, Take Two

Dear DECORUM! Readers,

My apologies again for the serious delay in new entries here!  Some random notes:

  • Please send questions/comments about this blog to our new address, lena.juniordiplomats@gmail.com! =)
  • Gals, check out these resources promoting true “girl power”: Global Girl Media, an organization helping “young women around the world to find and share their authentic voice” in journalism and other leadership (http://www.globalgirlmedia.org/); Teen Voices, a magazine that fights for “improving young women’s social and economic status” by challenging, changing,  and contributing to media in a fresh way (http://www.teenvoices.com/); Girls For A Change, a great national group that “empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social change” (http://www.girlsforachange.org/); and the Seventeen Magazine Project, a blog that documents one girl’s experiment following all the advice of Seventeen to call attention to how media can misrepresent and mislead young women (http://www.theseventeenmagazineproject.com/)
  • I picked up the book Quick Spanish for Emergency Responders by David B. Dees at my local library recently.  I’m not planning to be an EMT, but the book seemed like a useful review of important words needed to ask about someone’s condition, explain directions, or alert people of an accident.  And indeed it is!  It also has a handy index of slang words, so you can tell whether you are being flattered, insulted, etc.  I highly recommend that folks learning Spanish pick up a copy if possible!  (Readers learning another foreign language: do you have any recommendations for similar books?  I’ll keep looking, too!)
  • Check back  soon for DECORUM!’s first interview, a post about apparel, and more!