The Importance of Business Cards

Dear DECORUM! Readers,

In any ventures into diplomacy (and many other fields), you’ll likely do some networking.  We’ll talk more extensively about networking itself later. But here’s one aspect of it I’ve been thinking about lately: when you meet people you’d like to stay in touch with, how do you exchange contact information?  For a casual friend, it makes sense to reconnect on Facebook later or to trade cell phone numbers.  However, for a future business partner or mentor, those methods would be less appropriate.  A business card would be more suitable.

Business cards are fantastic for supplying your contact info to new acquaintances you’ve met in any situation, whether they are a older researcher who may give you an internship later or a student around your age who also loved the movie “Iron Man.”  They are also handy for entering free lunch raffles. [;  Make your own for cheap or for free with these websites:

-About.Com’s Free Business Card Templates:


-Great FX Business Cards:

-Microsoft Office Online Business Cards:

Vistaprint Business Card Top Deals: