The Thursday Three

Hello!  Because we missed the last Thursday Three, we are including three extra links today.  Also, in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup yesterday, the sites featured here are all related to both international affairs and the world of sports!

1. The 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament begins tomorrow in South Africa!  For more information, visit  (Also, check out this awe-inspiring ad for the games:

2. Check out JD Walsh Basketball School, which is promoting social change and world peace by spreading basketball through India and other countries:

3.  Learn about the Olympics at

4. Read about Nelson Mandela’s diplomatic achievements in rugby:  (Also, catch the movie based off this incredible story, “Invictus”!  More information can be found here:

5. Cricket has also been used to promote diplomacy, especially in India and Pakistan.  Get an overview here:

6. Additionally, soccer/football has been building friendly international relations for many years.  Learn how and why with this bestseller:

The Thursday Three

1. Find out how one good idea can change the world for the better.  The Pepsi Refresh Project is funding  “people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact”–check it out and vote for your favorites at

2. If you have younger students looking  for a worldview, check out country profiles from FactMonster at  These are also great for younger and older students looking for basic information on different nations!

3.  Need a political cartoon?  Search no further than Witty World, a center for all kinds of cartoons by international artists:

The Thursday Three

Hello everyone!  Due to technical difficulties and goof ups, this post didn’t come through last week (ironically, on April Fool’s Day!).  Sorry about that!  Look for the next Thursday Three on the 15th.

  1. YouthActionNet® is a wonderful organization that believes young people can be “active global citizens, shaping the world with power and confidence.”  Check out how they help youth in “leading positive change in their communities” here:
  2. Research any country with the CIA’s World Factbook information center:
  3. Tomorrow (Friday, April 2nd) is World Autism Awareness Day.  Find out more at

The Thursday Three (a few days late! ;D)

Here are this week’s links!

1. Check out Global Initiatives, an organization that “promotes positive social change and sustainable global development through international events and media projects”:

2. Youth Action for Peace (YAP) is a European-based movement which “aims for societies of peace, justice, and self determination” and encourages “dialogue in local communities through the active participation of young people.”  Visit YAP’s website:

3. Playing For Change is a non-profit “dedicated to connecting the world through music.”  The organization’s achievements demonstrate not only the immense power of music, but also the effects of global cooperation, sharing, and effort.  Watch PFC’s famed original music video, a rendition of “Stand By Me,” at the following website:  (Also check out

The Thursday Three (one day early! ;D)

  1. Get updates on UN activity and read world news by subscribing to UN Wire, a free e-newsletter:
  2. Test your knowledge of world capitals (or another subject!) and donate to the World Food Programme for free with the wonderful FreeRice:
  3. Poet Taylor Mali’s speech funny and insightful speech “Totally Like Whatever” challenges us to speak with conviction.  You can read the text of his speech here, watch the author perform here, watch a lip-synced version here, or watch a typographic version here.

The Thursday Three

Hello all!  Beginning today, look for three new web links posted here every other Thursday!

-Check out “Lost Generation,” the second-place winner of AARP’s U@50 video contest:

-NAFSA held a “Student Diplomat” video contest last year to promote international education; view the winning entry here:

-Explore the website of best-selling author, education advocate, and dedicated diplomat Greg Mortenson: